Garialan Blugraye New Age Flamenco Guitarist in Berkley Michigan

Garialan Blugraye Flamenco Guitarist

"Our music is created from the heart of harmony and designed to transport your soul to other realms,
to share the oneness of all life flowing with the Fire, Air, Water and Earth of the Spirit Keepers!"


Garialan Blugraye as with most artists who break with convention started out learning and working within
rigid structures, and after studying under the Master Flamenco Guitarist, Juan Serrano for several years,
Garialan began to compose his own compositions and develop his own unique personal style.

The art of Flamenco guitar is just now coming into it's own, and Garialan Blugraye has taken it a
step further by creating a new sound dimension for the Flamenco guitar he calls Progressive Flamenco.

Garialan's compositions are a remarkable adventure into that wonderful new world that combines
experiment with known forms and styles that show reverence for traditional flamenco while using
it as a catalyst for new creation.

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Garialan Blugraye Flamenco Guitarist