Blugraye Productions

Garialan Blugraye Progressive Flamenco Guitarist

Blugraye Productions is the business and publishing arm of Duns Scotus Records, which is managed by Madelyn Walters. Garialan's wife and best friend. Garialan composes, produces, and records the music, and I design and package it for distribution. Our mutual mission statement is: To enlighten and raise the consciousness of the planet with Pure Sound. This master mind alliance we have created has brought into our use the greatest talents to help us achieve our mission. These include musicians, engineers, illustrators, and just plain folk.

I'd be amiss if I didn't give special mention to Larry Cunningham, our recording engineer who has made possible all the dynamic orchestrations you hear in Garialan's music, and Shelly O. Haas our illustrator, who's wonderful illustrations has made all our CD projects works of art.

The other area Blugraye Productions manages is our newly formed progressive flamenco dance troupe called Fire Rose. This evolved out of our first CD release from Blugraye Productions called Fire Rose, mainly because we had various dancers and dance instructors asking to use various tracts of this CD for dance routines.

Fire Rose's composition ranges from Garialan and just one flamenco dancer, to a large ensemble consisting of Garialan's flamenco guitar, harp, flute, cajon, keyboards, violin, and multiple flamenco dancers. These shows are very exciting and dramatic; you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Check our Event Schedule for show scheduling.

Don't despair flamenco lovers, Garialan is currently in the process of recording his most dynamic traditional flamenco CD to date! Stay tuned for details!

Garialan Blugraye

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